Chill of Night (2006)

A Killer Strikes Again…And Again… A twisted serial killer is stalking the streets of New York City, dealing his own perverse brand of justice. He kills silently, leaving his calling card—a red “J”—on the bodies of his victims. The only man with a shot at finding the killer is tough-as-nails retired NYPD homicide detective Artemis Beam. And he’s more than willing to return to the work he does best. Even better, Beam isn’t officially a cop anymore—so he doesn’t have to play by the rules…

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Fear the Night (2005)

He comes out when the sun goes down. He delivers death from the barrel of a rifle. He’s made New York City his shooting gallery. Men and women, natives and tourists, young and old, have all been his victims. The press has named him The Night Sniper. He taunts those who would try to stop him, threatening to increase the body count unless legendary retired homicide detective Vin Repetto is willing to engage him in a lethal game of cat and mouse.

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Night Spider (2003)

This novel was reissued with the new title Night Victims.

Each woman slept in her Manhattan high-rise, behind securely locked doors. Each was sealed alive in her bedsheets and stabbed repeatedly. Each bled to a slow end. Mouths frozen in silent screams tell little to retired NYPD Captain Thomas Horn and his detectives.


Night Watcher (2002)

Someone is killing wealthy Manhattanites. One by one, the victims are discovered in luxurious high-rise apartments. Bound, gagged—brutally murdered in the “safety” of their own homes, by someone whose modus operandi is as horrifying as anything NYPD Detectives Ben Stack and Rica Lopez have ever seen.

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Night Caller (2001)

With its dramatic portrayal of a veteran cop determined to track down his daughter’s killer, it remains a classic of danger and suspense. For this new edition a few technological details have been updated.   Sit back and enjoy the ride. 


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Final Seconds (with David August, 1998)

Will Harper was an NYPD hero. Then fate, a fiery blast, and departmental politics burned down his career. Now Will is again in the line of fire as a disgraced FBI profiler pulls him back into the action--on a hunt for a serial killer authorities don't even know about yet.

Somewhere out there a man has been following a plan, choosing his victims, learning from his mistakes with every attack as he crisscrosses the country in a pattern that means everything to him. Former FBI legend Harold Addleman has seen the pattern and brought Harper into the case--while the bureau is in dangerous denial. For Harper, holding on to a marriage and a life after police work, the search suddenly turns frantic, bizarre, and personal. Because the killer he's hunting knows exactly who he is, where he's been, and how to take him out of this hunt--forever. . .

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The Ex (1996)

David and Molly Jones, urban professionals, live happily with their toddler son Michael on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Then Diedre Grocci moves into their apartment building. She's David's moody ex-wife, and she wants him back.

Slowly, Diedre lures David back into a world of addictive, violent sex. David is hers for keeps now -- or so she thinks. But she doesn't reckon on David's wife. To hold on to her family, her sanity and her life, Molly will go to hell and back.

This book was made into the HBO movie of the same name.


Dancing with the Dead (1992)

Mary Arlington only feels alive when she is dancing. The rest of her life, dominated by a violent boyfriend and a mother intent on drinking herself to death, isn’t worth being awake for, but when she dances the tango her troubles disappear. She’s gotten so good that her studio is taking her to the national competition in Ohio, where she will prove to the world and to herself that her hobby is more than a pastime. That is, if she can stay alive until the music starts to play.

At dance competitions across the country, amateur dancers have been turning up with slit throats. Mary follows the killing spree in the newspapers, morbidly fascinated by the deaths of women so similar to her. When the killer comes for her, she will need more than rhythm to survive.


SWF Seeks Same (Single White Female, 1990)

Not able to afford the rent on her Manhattan apartment after losing both her live-in lover and her only computer client, Alison advertises for a roommate and attracts the attention of a crazed lunatic. 

This book was made into a motion picture of the same name starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Jason-Leigh. Directed by Barbet Schroeder.

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The Eye (with Bill Pronzini, 1984)

The residents of a single block on the Upper West Side of Manhattan turn to Detective E.L. Oxman of the New York Police Department when they are terrorized by an obsessed madman calling himself "The Eye of God".


The Shadow Man (1981)

Martin Karpp was Alan Hobson, a compulsive thief. He was Willy Bennet, a flagrant homosexual. He was Jay Jefferson, a fanatic right-winger. He was Paul Liggett who hid his true nature behind a mask of mystery. Martin Karpp was in the nation's top maximum security prison, convicted of assassinating a Presidential candidate. That should have been the last the world would ever have to fear from this madman and his many personalities. It wasn't possible that one of them could escape both the prison and Martin Karpp's own body to roam free and kill again! But try telling that to the men and women being stalked by The Shadow Man. No prison can hold him. No defenses can stop him. His the ultimate assassin, six killers in one!


Jericho Man (1980)

What was once New York's proudest skyscraper is now a heap of ruins, littered with the bodies of the dead and the dying. Beyond it, like firecrackers on a string, the rest of the targets wait to be ignited, unless the demands of the Jericho Man are met. The city hesitates. One second too long. And the walls come tumbling down.


Lazarus Man (1979)

Wilson Capp is an honorable man in a dishonorable profession. While the others involved in the notorious Gateway scandal that toppled a President told all and made their fortunes, Wilson Capp kept the faith, kept his silence... and was rewarded with prison. Now Wilson Capp is free. And he's out to make his former associates pay the ultimate price for their betrayal. Each victim crossed off his list brings him one corpse closer to his final target... The supreme master of dirty tricks himself... The ex-President of the United States!


Bonegrinder (1977)

A bloodthirsty lake monster menaces a small town in the Ozarks When the men find him, the boy's legs look like they were run through a wood-chipper. He's bleeding heavily and near death, but he still has strength to tell them of the monster that attacked him: a dark, massive creature that emerged from the bottom of the lake. The child dies before he can say more.

Sheriff Billy Wintone has seen too much superstition, drunkenness, and rage in this small Ozarks town to believe the delirious boy's tale of a monster lurking under the lake's dark waters. Like it or not, however, Wintone must scour the woods for the man or beast who killed the child before the start of fishing season. When another body is found chewed to pieces, the Sheriff begins to wonder what evil lies at the bottom of Big Water Lake.


The Truth of the Matter (1971)

When Lou Roebuck impulsively runs down Ingrahm, he faces pursuit from both the police and Gipp, Ingrahm's relentless friend.

Truth of the Matter is John's first novel.